I’m Kathy, a creative at heart, foodie & curious cook.

I’m a home cook, like most of you, people. I like to mull things over and try new ideas in the kitchen, where I cook in a minimalist way for maximal flavor! What does this mean? There are no fancy appliances (and often no sharp knives) in my kitchen. I’m using basic methods and simple tools to create colorful (eat the rainbow!) vegetable recipes. I’ll change up the process for a recipe, usually opting for something simpler, or faster, but that tastes wonderful. Maximal flavor doesn’t mean adding hot sauce or salt. Rather, I intuitively add something that balances the flavor profile and adds interest. My husband has a sensitive palette different from mine which helps immensely when finalizing the seasonings for a recipe. My adult son is a foodie who loves zesty and spicy flavors, which have inspired many of my recipes as well.

What you will find here are recipes for vegetables that are simple but different. After tirelessly researching my ideas, then thoughtfully developing and testing them, I’ll share them here with you because I feel they are unique and taste incredible, all with an eye toward nutrition. I’m also a hopeless creative, and coming up with original ideas really feeds that part of my soul.

This does not mean plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian meals, rather it means recipes for vegetables, in all their glory (plus a few other things like spice blends, healthier sweets and veg recipes that feature proteins as well). I hope to become a go-to resource, not only for recipes, but for fermenting, pickling, gardening how-tos and vegetable guides. I’ve always been curious and explored these areas, but am excited to take it up a notch and master these endeavors!

a few FAQ’s

Where are you located?

I’m a lifelong New Englander.

What’s your education?

Classic liberal arts degree, followed by exploring courses in graphic design, and more recently UX design and coding. Almost went to cooking school after college, and I probably should have, as I was living in Boston where there were some great chefs rising up 🙂

What did you do before Sofa Dinners?

I spent 25 years in the design industry, first developing apparel, then content and creative direction for an artisan home decor company (more about that through the Linked In link in header).

What camera do you photograph with?

Currently, an iPhone 11 Pro. I have always loved photography (in an uncomplicated way, just framing a shot, or catching the light in the moment without much forethought), and I finally decided to dedicate some time to sharing my creative and tasty cooking and photography with the world. I may start using a real camera, but I love getting creative with the iPhone, and making it work for me.

What’s your favorite recipe on the blog?

Not your Nonna’s Gnocchi because they are so simple and rustic, yet require finesse, and also because beets and sweet potatoes are some of my favorite veggies to eat.

What recipe are you most proud of so far?

I’m extremely proud of my recipe for How to Make Healthier Granola because lots of cooks love their granola recipes and claim them to be “healthy”, but I took the time to pick apart granola recipes, to discover how healthy they objectively are or are not. Of course “healthy” means different things to different people, but I’ve followed some basic standards to make a truly healthy granola that tastes really good and is super crunchy!

What’s your favorite spice?


Read on below to learn more about Sofa Dinners.

hyacinth plant with sunlight shining on it.
How my story began

After years of working in an office, I’m excited to get out from behind the desk and cook for you.

If I’m being honest, I credit Julia Child and Winnie the Pooh for inspiring my culinary journey, as a child, for it was Winnie’s cookbook that inspired a love of baking popovers for my parents, and Julia’s cooking show that taught me the method behind a great omelet. From there I would riff off of every recipe and basic food I could get my hands on. It was the creative urge that drove me and sustained me in the kitchen through adulthood, marriage, and raising a foodie son. I became that person with a stack of cookbooks on my nightstand and read them like novels, after which, I would create meals based on my memories and impressions from reading the recipes, versus following them verbatim. I had to riff. 

A stint at a natural food store in young adulthood further inspired me, as I learned everything I could about nutrition, and what makes food truly nourishing. And it was the time with my son in the kitchen, exploring international cooking that fueled his curiosity about the world, that developed my use of herbs and spices. My career/jobs have always been in the design field and I love to create something from nothing, especially in the kitchen, where a few on-hand ingredients can spark an inspired meal. So, here I am, sharing that love and creativity for great-tasting food that also nourishes you. Aside from that, I think there’s enough structure and routine in life, that we can kick back in the kitchen and have fun!

🙂 Kathy Marshall